The Ominous Tarot

We, the raw material of the stars. We, the fuel of an eternal fire that whispers the words of time, everything that existed and will exist contains us. Our inner universal link with spirit and matter speaks. Our body as a vessel carries that essence. We are driven by a complex fabric made out of sex, soul and mind, in a dance that weaves a story larger than us and as old as the universe, a verse that will keep unfolding as it does, even after we have left our bodies. We create our own world based on what we can perceive. and what we are able to understand, and that world has the size of our beliefs, one step further and we will find the void, the dark flow of the unknown. Tarot is a symbolic system that works beyond the comfort of language, of what we are aware, in fact, it is a free visual code that connects with our own universal energy to unveil internal meanings that we have carried in our cells by generations through the ages. Our own experience, the way we love, or hate, the way we live and die, the way we are born and reborn it crosses us all because all change repeats itself. Tarot opens a crack in the surface of our particular world that allows to see the reflection of ourselves from the outside, all that is familiar becomes strange and that ominous vision can crumble apart our walls, and let our eyes open to the hint, to find the guidance needed to embrace the void.

When a friend of mine readed the cards for me on 2014, I was immediately shocked with the system of the Tarot, the randomness, the numeric relation, the hidden patterns implicit in the symbols and the narrative that comes up when the cards are putted together, seem infinite and magic. so where is the trick? how this cards where related to me? every time I summon them?… How they reflect the journey of my life, by the simple fact of picking them blind?… To me was totally ominous.

My interest in making a tarot is the exercise of reinterpret  the symbols trough a personal but at the same time collective point of view, giving tarot some new elements from own the experience of re-write it. Im not sure… maybe it will be a total fail, but whatever comes out from my insolent attempt, will be a hard lesson to learn, as Tarot always speaks with no mercy the truth of itself.

Still, a work in progress.

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